Services for legal entities

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Criminal and Administrative Defense

Businessmen doing business in today’s world understand that legal support, consulting, and business protection from criminal and administrative pressure and prosecution is an integral part of its successful existence and development. Our lawyers have wide and proven experience in various strategies of legal protection and support businesses and individual entrepreneurs. Advisory services, legal analysis of cases or documents, and representation is not the complete list of our services and abilities. The successful practice of our lawyers in criminal cases for more than twenty years has resulted in dozens of acquittals, the protection of numerous individuals and companies from criminal and administrative pressure, thus saving them millions in funds.

Our experience is the best guarantee of welfare for you and your business.

Real Estate

Real estate is an important asset of any business, especially if it is a plot of land. When acquiring property, it is vital to register the real estate purchase and the rights to it. Our specialists can help you comply with law and guarantee the legal security of your business’ assets by providing advice, accompanying you to negotiations, participating in contract signings, and representing your claim in asset registrations.

Tax Consulting and Tax Disputes

With the help of “Donets & Partners,” the words “tax audit” will no longer horrify you and your accountants. We are here to help with entire process, including legal support with inspections, results’ appeals, offer consultations on taxation, etc.

Labor Disputes and Personnel Security

Conclusion of employment agreements, contracts; negotiations for collective bargaining or its modification; dismissal of a worker without negative consequences for the enterprise — these are today’s realities concerning the employer-employee relationships. The experts at “Donets & Partners” are ready to help the employer to avoid violating employees’ rights and, in doing so, avoid paying additional expenses.

Corporate Law, Merger and Acquisition, Registration, Modification and Liquidation of Legal Entities, Investment Protection, Anti-Raider-Attack Services

Formation of legal entities (incorporation), transformation, merger, reorganization, dissolution of legal entities; change of management or owners of legal entities; alteration of share capital; maintenance/legal support and fixing of the general meeting of the company — is by no means the entirety of services provided by “Donets & Partners” to its customers in such a delicate and complex business domain as corporate law.

Contract Law and Foreign economic activity, International Representation

The lawyers at “Donets & Partners” will help you to properly settle your business relationships with contractors on terms that are beneficial for you, to alert you of the risks of signing a contract that has been amended by a contractor, and to optimize the conditions of existing legal relationships.

In addition, our lawyers on contractual and foreign economic activity facilitate the organization of business relationships with contractors abroad, including cooperation with customs and helping to get a fast customs clearance for freights.

Also, the lawyers and paralegals at “Donets & Partners” are multilingual. In our team we have certified translators for prompt and adequate translations of any highly specialized texts.

Legal support for IT, Start-ups; Intellectual Property Practice

The key ​​specialization of the law firm “Donets & Partners” is law support for IT and IP businesses. The IT-lawyers of “Donets & Partners” are the ideal choice for your IT-business.

We offer a full range of corporate, legal, consulting and fiduciary services for IT companies doing business in Ukraine, EU, USA, Asia, and in other jurisdictions (including offshore and CIS countries). Services in this area are provided by highly professional and skilled attorney and lawyers who have taken special trainings and have corresponding certificates of proficiency, perennial experience and a rich daily practice.

Our patrons are members of IT business and have a wide range of different roles from outsourcing, engineering and development, to start-ups and owners of software, SaaS, and online products. We also may help you to optimize the legal aspect of the work in all areas of IT (app development, game development, SEO & SMM services, software localization, software testing & quality assurance, web hosting services, web-design & development, and in many others).

We advise and represent the interests of mass media corporations. Our customers include well-known personalities, artists and public figures.

Law and Arbitration Practice

In case if your rights were violated and you need to redress your rights, judicial practice lawyers of the law firm “Donets & Partners” will competently and efficiently protect your interests. In addition, we have a significant practice of cooperation with top-level court-appointed arbitrators. We help with alternative and external dispute resolutions as well.